“I had my Virginia license a few years ago and let it go…….”


by Deana Wilson, GRI-Broker-Eagles Academy of Real Estate Director.

I hear this all the time. A person either took the course and didn’t take the licensing exam or they had a license but let it expire.  “What do I need to do to get my license or get my license back?”

So, the answer is different depending on where you left off in the process.  If you took the Principles of Real Estate 60-hour course and obtained your real estate license but let it expire, then you will NOT need to prove your 60-hour course.  You will, however, must retake the full licensing exam for Virginia.  You currently do not have to retake the 60-hour course.  Why do I say “currently”? If the real estate regulations increased the required hours of the course since you last took the course, then you would have to meet the new hour requirement.  The real question becomes can you pass the licensing exam since it has been awhile since you took the course. The answer is probably not.  So, do you take the full course over or do you take a licensing prep course? That really becomes a personal decision based on how long ago you took the course and how much you think you remember. But either way, you have two choices: One, take the full 60-hour course as a refresher and practice.  You don’t have to pass this course as you have already fulfilled the basic education requirement when you originally got your license.  That course/education still counts but taking the course will increase your chances of passing the full licensing exam.  Your second choice is to take an Exam Prep course which will hit the highlights.

If you never obtained your license, but took the course, you will have to have proof of completing a 60-hour Principles of Real Estate course or take it again. Go back to the provider of your course and request a new certificate.  Then contact the Virginia Real Estate Board at the Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation and request to take the licensing exam.

How do I proceed if I previously had my license?

Step one is to contact the Virginia Real Estate Board at the Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation.  Tell them you were previously licensed and give them your license number, if you still have it, or you can  locate your license number here and request permission to take the real estate exam.  Always get the name of the person with whom you spoke.  They will send you a letter or email stating your status and how to take the test.  Once the testing company, PSI, Inc, has you entered in their system you can register and take the licensing exam.

Once you pass the exam, you will need to apply for a license with DPOR/VREB and decide if you want to activate or put your license  in an in-active status. In either case, you are licensed and  must complete the 30-hours of Post-Licensing education in your first year.  Your license will renew in the second year and then every two years after, you will need to complete continuing education and pay your renewal fees.

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