It’s Your Company

by Jack Voss, Associate Broker – Howard Hanna Real Estate.

Some common mistakes agents make when entering the real estate profession stem from a  lack of knowledge regarding the profession. Although many real estate agents try and control the times they work, the reality is the clients’ time schedule dictate theirs.

Your selection of a company is paramount. The company you decide to align yourself should be reputable, ethical, well known to the public and provide you with the tools and training to springboard you into your real estate career.

Additionally, you must develop an OWNER’S mentality and not an EMPLOYEE’S mindset to succeed. Please realize that you are an independent contractor working under the umbrella of the company you choose. You are starting a company under your broker’s name. There are guidelines that you will need to adhere to and policies that you will be required follow.  Nevertheless, you are the CEO of your company. Congratulations.

As a manager in a successful office, I would ask random sales agents, “Who are company owners, would you pay yourself today?”  I believe that it was a reasonable question that needed to be asked. It made them realize that THEY are responsible for the success or failure of their companies. Your broker will provide you with the tools you need but it’s up to you to utilize them in your company.

Why do we drive the cars we drive, dine at the restaurants we frequent, and choose various brands to purchase? It’s marketing and outstanding service. The company you select will get you in the door, but the rest is up to you.

Remember, as you grow your business, if you want a long profitable career in real estate, it doesn’t end with the sale.

Every successful business aims to do two things: Attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Good luck.

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