Introducing Badges

Eagles Academy of Real Estate is building a community of soaring Eagles in the real estate industry. By joining our community and our distinguished badging program, you can demonstrate your success. The digital badges from EaglesARE prove to others that you are learning about real estate, that you are furthering your knowledge and skills, and that you are flourishing in the real estate business.

The digital badges from EaglesARE make it easy for peers and clients to recognize you as a star performer, possessing mutual abilities, and dedication to the real estate industry.

As one of our students, brokers, or affiliates, you will earn and share your expertise and achievements in professional and social networking environments, in real time, with a single click. Join us today and SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE!

Digital Badges are web-enabled representations of your dedication to the real estate industry. Your digital badge is made of an image and metadata uniquely linked to you. This ensures that only you can take credit for your achievement.

You can share your digital badge to popular online social media and professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It can also be embedded in a résumé, your personal website, or your email signature. Anyone who views your badge can select it to learn more about your dedication to the real estate industry and to verify its authenticity.

When you click on the link in the e-mail you will be able to see your digital badge and share the information about your certification.

If you don’t activate your badge in a timely manner, reminder emails will be sent to you after:

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 120 days

The request for earner email/name changes needs to come to the EaglesARE at and the office will update the digital badge information.

Sharing The Badges

By sharing your badge, it gives you something to talk about, share with others.

Check if the email you received for your badge has the LinkedIn ‘Add to profile’ button. If yes, then click on “Add to profile” button in the email you received.

If you are logged into LinkedIn, you will be asked by LinkedIn to authorize adding your badge to your account. If you are not logged in, a pop-up window – from LinkedIn – will ask you to do so. Thereafter, you will be asked to authorize adding your badge to your account. When you “save,” your badge will be added to the LinkedIn Certifications section. Please note you will see the logo for the issuing organization and a link to your badge. LinkedIn does not show your badge image until the link is clicked. Please DISABLE pop-up blocker when trying to share your badges with social networks. Visit for more information on sharing.

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select Edit Profile.

Scroll down to Certifications and click + Add

Complete the prompted information.

Add the URL link for your digital badge portfolio.

By nature, a digital badge is intended to be displayed on the Internet or via digital media. However, we understand the need to print your badge or display it on a resume.

  • Add your digital badge to your resume: Save the image from the email, insert the picture into the document, right click the picture and select hyperlink. Add the URL address to the hyperlink. Even within a resume or PDF, the image can be designed to hyperlink to the badge URL. The badge URL is the URL in the issuance email. If you do not have it, login and send yourself an email copy.
  • Add digital badge to a Website: Websites use the same methodology as Outlook (see or the resume above. Simply upload the image and hyperlink the badge URL.
  • Print a badge: To print your badges, open the badge and print the screen using print screen on the keyboard. You can manipulate the image in the paint program to clean it up or paste it into word.

Add your digital badge portfolio to your Outlook signature using your URL link. The link is obtained in your digital badge issuance email, by sending the sharing email to yourself, or on the profile itself. It looks like Configuring Outlook, depending on the version, may take a little maneuvering.

To add a picture in the signature, select “save as” picture on the badge in the URL link. Do not download badges from the web portal.

In versions such as Outlook 2010, on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signature, and then click Signatures. In Outlook 2013, go to Options → Mail → Signature

Under Choose default signature, in the E-mail account list, click an e-mail account with which you want to associate the signature.

If you want a signature to be included when you reply to or forward messages, in the Replies/forwards list, select the signature.

Click the picture and browse for the icon you saved to your computer. Then click reference, to include your BC URL link.

Login to your Twitter account and click “Compose new Tweet” on the right hand side of the menu as shown below. In the Compose New Tweet box, create a message that tells your followers about your new badge such as “I just received a new credential!” Add your URL link and Add photo and browse to the logo or portfolio artwork you just saved. Then click “Tweet.”

To add a picture in the signature, select “save as” picture on the badge in the URL link.

Login to your Facebook account and from “Timeline,” select “Life Event.” Then Select “Work & Education” and “Create Your Own…” at the bottom of the list. Add title such as “I earned a new certificate!” Select “Upload Photos” and browse the image you identified earlier.

Under the “Story” tab, add the link to your live portfolio by typing the words “Follow this link to see my credential” and insert your URL link. Finally, choose the people you would like to share your accomplishment with (public, friends, only me) and click “Save.”