Office Essentials Courses

All new entrepreneurs need basic business knowledge when starting a company.

Financial planning, accounting, marketing, people skills, and production are all extremely important to the success of a business.

EaglesARE offers several courses that will assist you with these needed skills.

Google Workspace Essentials


Google’s suite of apps for business is powerful, accessible, and integrated. In this course, Google expert Laurie Sherrod provides an overview of the most common apps and a few more you may not be aware of! Did you know you can create your own public website in minutes using Google Sites? Have you thought about using Google Translate on your phone to have a conversation with someone who speaks another language? Did you know you can work offline with files stored on your Google Drive? These are just a few of the skills you will learn by taking this course.

Microsoft 365 (2021): Microsoft 365 is your powerful workspace in the cloud!


Microsoft 365 is far more than classic Microsoft Office. Powerful collaborative tools like OneDrive, Teams, Planner, and Forms combine with traditional Microsoft apps to form a powerful productivity-boosting tool – and in this course we’ll get you started with Microsoft 365 with a short introduction to what it is, how to access it, and how to use Search and Help to find what you need inside Microsoft 365.

Negotiation Skills


The online course “Negotiation Skills” provides managers with the necessary tools to negotiate successfully. It enables them to make the right decisions when confronted with different negotiation situations, considering both their own and their partners’ interests.

The content has been specifically developed for managers who wish to improve their skills in negotiations at work. They will be able to develop negotiation strategies by learning how to define the appropriate negotiation objectives, structure their arguments, manage their own emotions and take full advantage of their negotiating power.

Specific Objectives :

  • Identify your negotiation style
  • Negotiate in a structured way
  • Negotiate on the short and long term
  • Set negotiation objectives and evaluate their impact on your business
  • Develop a negotiation strategy that fits you and your partner’s needs
  • Identify your negotiating power (strengths, weaknesses & opportunities)
  • Take full advantage of your opportunities to negotiate less

Persuasion: The Art of Communication


There are many reasons why we communicate – in inform, to share our viewpoint, to educate, and to sell. Communications guru Barbara Evers would argue that all these forms of communication are in fact forms of persuasion.

In this course, Barbara Evers and Wofford Jones walk through tips and techniques to take advantage of when you’re seeing to communicate and persuade. Modules include:

  • 01: The Core of Communication
  • 02: Understanding the Persuasion Situation
  • 03: Essential Elements of Persuasion
  • 04: Logical Data
  • 05: Reputation and Character
  • 06: Emotional or Passionate Appeals
  • 07: Recognizing the Difference Elements
  • 08: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • 10: Framing
  • 11: Other Tips

The Interviewing Process


Welcome to our seven-part video course on the interviewing process! When organizations decide to reject a prospective employee, it’s not always because the applicant was the wrong person. Sometimes it’s because it was a bad interview. As a result, managers and supervisors who don’t know how to conduct good interviews often miss out on hiring quality employees. This video course will help you put a solid process in place and provide the best interview, not just for the potential employee or yourself, but for your company as a whole.

Brain Bites-Organizing Your Files


On average office workers spend one to two hours per day looking for information. Having an organized, searchable file and folder structure makes everyone more efficient –and this 30 minute course will show you how to do it.

Brain Bites-Email Management


More than ever before people rely on email in the workplace – but we dread the amount of time it takes to read through and respond to all our messages. This course will give you the skills you need to tame your email mountain and use it as the effective tool it’s meant to be.