All new entrepreneurs need basic business knowledge when starting a company.

Financial planning, accounting, marketing, people skills, and production are all extremely important to the success of a business.

EaglesARE offers several courses that will assist you with these needed skills.

The Interviewing Process


Welcome to our seven-part video course on the interviewing process! When organizations decide to reject a prospective employee, it’s not always because the applicant was the wrong person. Sometimes it’s because it was a bad interview. As a result, managers and supervisors who don’t know how to conduct good interviews often miss out on hiring quality employees. This video course will help you put a solid process in place and provide the best interview, not just for the potential employee or yourself, but for your company as a whole.

Customer Service Communication Skills


Welcome to our 12-part video course on “Customer Service Communication Skills,” part of the larger “Performance Excellence” series! To give great service, one of the things you have to learn to do is LOVE customers. Not like them. Not tolerate them. Not endure them. LOVE them. If your organization doesn’t serve customers properly, you can bet customers will replace you with someone who will.

Negotiating Skills


Welcome to the “Negotiating Skills” series of video lessons meant to ignite the negotiator in all of us and teach the tools to ensure success in every negotiation. This course comprises thirteen video lessons and teaches the traits of a good negotiator, describes the different kinds of negotiations, and provides strategies for confidence and success in navigating negotiations — especially in the business world.

Google Workspace Essentials


Google’s suite of apps for business is powerful, accessible, and integrated. In this course, Google expert Laurie Sherrod provides an overview of the most common apps and a few more you may not be aware of! Did you know you can create your own public website in minutes using Google Sites? Have you thought about using Google Translate on your phone to have a conversation with someone who speaks another language? Did you know you can work offline with files stored on your Google Drive? These are just a few of the skills you will learn by taking this course.

Clear and Concise Emails


This course presents four communication principles you can apply to any email you compose, for any person you want to communicate with. While simple and straightforward, it will take a conscious effort to apply these principles and practice using them. By completing this course, you will know how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience.