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Eagles Academy of Real Estate is building a community of soaring Eagles in the real estate industry. By joining our community and our distinguished digital badging program, you can demonstrate your success. The digital badges from EaglesARE prove to others that you are learning about real estate, that you are furthering your knowledge and skills, and that you are flourishing in the real estate business.

Our Eagles are focused and have a powerful vision for their professional future. Our Eagles are determined and fearless. They are great problem solvers and love a challenge. Our Eagles invest in themselves and in the greater real estate community.

The digital badging program at EaglesARE give you badges that make it easy for peers and clients to recognize you as a star performer, possessing mutual abilities, and dedication to the real estate industry.

As one of our students, brokers, or affiliates, you will earn and share your expertise and achievements in professional and social networking environments, in real time, with a single click. For details on how to use your Eagles badge visit our BadgeFAQ.

Join us today and SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE!

MEMBER: These Eagles have a desire to learn and be a part of the greatest real estate community. This Eagle took their first flight and became a member of the Eagles system.

LEADER: These Eagles are known for their leadership in the real estate industry. They mentor agents. They help build your success. They inspire the entire real estate community. Their participation elevates the impact of Eagles Academy of Real Estate.

SUPPORTER: These Eagles support you and the real estate community with their knowledge, skills and products. They are your teammates for getting the deal done. Each Affiliate Company enhances your learning at Eagles Academy of Real Estate.

CONTRIBUTOR: These Eagles help build a better real estate community for everyone by sharing their knowledge and insights. They are creating a valuable reference library that answers your questions and concerns. Contributors share their experience through articles, Pro-Tips, or videos in the Eagles’ knowledge center.

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Continuing Education

GRADUATE: These Eagles have completed a course of learning about an important aspect of real estate. They see their learning as a path to success.