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Welcome to Eagles Academy of Real Estate. EaglesARE is licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation also known as DPOR to offer real estate licensing courses, and continuing education or post licensing courses.

Each of our continuing education and post licensing courses contain the required topics for license renewal as well as provide you with current industry trends. They are designed to be informative but easy to complete.

Once you have completed your course, we will promptly submit your completion to Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation, DPOR. Please don’t forget to pay your renewal fee.

Our headquarter is in Chesapeake Virginia and we have live people who can answer your questions about the requirement’s for renewing your real estate salespersons or your brokers licenses. Please feel free to call us at 1.757.260.9300

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Real Estate Post Licensing Courses

real estate post licensing courses

2 Hour Current Industry Trends (PL ONLY)


This course covers current industry trends such as the best ways to price a property in a seller’s market, short sale transactions and licensee’s safety measures.

2 Hour Fair Housing Law


This course defines and describes the principal forms of illegal discrimination and how fair housing violations are enforced. It identifies what parties are exempt from the fair housing prohibitions and summarizes the key provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2 Hour Real Estate Finance


This course describes the mechanics of a mortgage loan including the components of a loan, qualification and the loan closing process. It summarizes the various finance related laws. It describes the primary and secondary mortgage markets and the roles of FNMA, GNMA, and FHLMC, the types of loans available and the role TILA/RESPA play in financial advertising.

3 Hour Agency Law


This course describes the various forms of agency relationship allowed by Virginia law, and how each relationship varies in form and duties. It also will summarize relationship disclosure requirements by type of relationship imposed.

3 Hour Ethics and Standards of Conduct


This course reviews the National Association’s Code of Ethics and the overriding thesis of the Pathway to Professionalism. It will explain the duties a REALTOR® owes to other REALTORS®, their clients and the public. It will also identify the penalties for violating the Code of Ethics.

3 Hour Escrow Requirements


This course characterizes salient regulations governing the operation of brokerage companies, including those relating to branches, escrow procedures, recordkeeping, and trade names. It also discusses the closing process from start to finish.

3 Hour Risk Management


This course will discuss the potential risks of misrepresenting clients. It will identify numerous ways to capitalize on risk reduction via the adoption of key risk management strategies as well as the various insurance options for the property owners, managers and licensees.  It also defines and summarizes the principal forms of antitrust legislation, including The Sherman Antitrust Act and Clayton Antitrust Act.

6 Hour Contract Writing


This course discusses the essentials of contract law including validity criteria, electronic contracting, and enforceability.  It will identify the contract process, the primary and secondary contract provisions, along with the required disclosures. There is a review of the leasing contract and the varying lease types.

6 Hour Real Estate Laws and Regulations


This course characterizes the most essential aspects of Virginia real estate licensure, including regulatory entities, types of licenses and what activities require licensure.  It summarizes the local Virginia statutes pertaining to real estate and the various non-relationship disclosures that licensees and/or sellers must conduct in a timely fashion, including those relating to property condition, the environment, material facts, and homeowners’ associations.