EaglesARE has teamed up with the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) to provide our students with courses in property management.

There are many differences in the practice of property management versus real estate sales. Although many states require a broker’s license to practice property management, the skills required are very different.

Advanced Risk Management


The course is designed for the owner, leader, or executive of the property management company. There are discussions pertaining to managing risk, understanding laws that affect the real estate manager, items of importance that should be in a policy and procedures manual, how one can structure their business in order to negate some liability, and preparing for a legal situation when necessary. 

Developing Rewarding Owner Relationships


This fundamental course covering the four (4) steps in the cycle of owner relations will assist you in developing and managing your clients from first contact to termination. From the big picture to the small details, you will learn industry best practices in obtaining new clients and working with them during several scenarios.

Finance and Property Management


This course provides the basics of the financial side of property management. The course explores terminology, budgeting, trust accounting, best practices, reconciliation, and property management finances as they relate to ethics.

HR from Start to Finish


This course provides an overview of human resources procedures, from hiring employees to developing your team to best fit the needs of the company.

In-House Maintenance – Running a Profitable Operation


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identify and execute best practices for running a successful and profitable maintenance operation as a compliment to the property management company. Discussions include: options for maintenance company structure; naming the business; knowing when is the right time to start; best hiring practices for finding talented maintenance technicians and training and related personnel issues. The course covers important operational details and potential pitfalls to profitability.

Intro to Maintenance


This courses touches on aspects of the Uniform Housing Code, habitability standards & local codes, policies of insurance companies and NARPM®’s Standards of Professionalism; Participants will explore why it is important to know how buildings are put together and what to look at when taking properties into management.

Maintenance: Beyond The Basics


Maintenance and how you handle it will either make or break your business. This course covers the vital everyday maintenance components of a successful property management company.

Marketing for Residential Property Management


In this course you will develop a mission statement (or refine yours if you have one) and decide upon a related marketing goal to help guide your business. You will examine branding and the importance of knowing how your clients and customers think, feel, and behave. Time will be spent delving into various forms of media and advertising channels. Finally, you will learn about the importance of tracking and measuring outcomes that are key to your marketing efforts!

Office Operations – Policy and Procedures


Every brokerage needs a policy and procedure manual to standardize their office operation, especially as they grow and add staff. This course covers the process from start to finish and includes an overview of trust accounting policy and procedure as an example for the manual.

Paperless Office


Course materials will include conversion of paper to digital documents, ease of transferring documents, office sharing of documents, uploading documents to clients/ customers using the internet, portability of information, and cost savings/increasing revenues.

Personnel Procedures Advanced


The main course objective for this class will be to expand on key elements of an effective personnel plan for the residential property management company.

Personnel Procedures Essentials – Hiring and Firing


You’ve reached capacity! You can’t add another property without help! This course from NARPM® will guide you through the hiring & employee management process of the small property management company while also looking at when and how best to address expansion of the company and its portfolio.

Profitability & Client Relations


This course will familiarize property managers with ways to grow and streamline their management businesses.

Risk Awareness


Risk is an inherent aspect of residential property management, yet the managing of risk is quite often overlooked. Prudent property managers are well aware of and prepared for the potentials of risk across all aspects of the business. This course will familiarize residential property managers with the risks (and their sources) that are involved in managing properties. Participants will learn the proper approaches to risk and ways of handling and safely minimizing risk.



This is a comprehensive look at the Tenant Cycle that all property management companies experience in their businesses. From Procurement through Move out, this is an immersive examination of the details involved in the day to day administration of the tenants.

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