Eagles Online Principles of Real Estate Course



Welcome to Eagles Academy of Real Estate. EaglesARE is licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation also known as DPOR to offer real estate licensing courses. Our headquarters are in Chesapeake Virginia and we have live persons who can answer your questions about a career in real estate and provide more information on our courses. Please fee free to call us at 1.757.260.9300

Real estate allows you to see incredible homes and meet new people.  It can be just what you need if you are feeling burnt out and need more work life balance? Maybe you are ready to be your own boss?  In any case this course is an inexpensive way to learn more about real estate. 

This is the required 60-hour pre-licensing Principles of Real Estate course for those who want a real estate license in the state of Virginia. It is also a valuable course for those who simply want to expand their understanding of real estate. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, or want to explore investing in real estate, this course is a great place to start.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

The real estate business, rights in real estate, interest in estates and land, ownership, encumbrances and liens, transferring & recording title to real estate, leasing essentials, land use planning and control, legal description, contract law, agency, listing agreements, real estate market economics, appraising and estimating market value, real estate finance, real estate investment, closings, professional practice, risk management, property management, real estate math and Virginia law.

Everything you need is online with easy access. Included at no additional charge:

• Scheduled virtual Q&A sessions with an instructor
• Printable materials
• Practice exams
• Three attempts at the course final exam
• 120 days to complete your studies

If you do not have reliable internet access, we offer a correspondence course which can be mailed to you. Contact us at info@EaglesARE.com requesting this option.

More information on licensing can be found on our FAQs page.